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David Dinkins

Late NYC Mayor, and Montford Point Marine

It is with great sadness we share in the passing of late NYC Mayor, and Montford Point Marine, Mr. David Dinkins. At the November 2020 NYC Marine Birthday Gala virtually produced by ViacomCBS Veterans Network, which aired on Pluto TV, the Dinkins Family bestowed the first annual “David Dinkins Vanguard Award” to the Montford Point Marines. It was an honor to produce such a momentous occasion for the community, especially as the award celebrated and uplifted the service and sacrifice of America’s first black Marines.  


David Dinkins lived a life full of service and sacrifice. He was one of a kind. He continually committed his efforts to the public good, starting with his enlistment as one of the Montford Point Marines, America’s first black Marines. Initially Dinkins was turned away from the Corps, but that did not deter him from going recruiting station to recruiting station until he was accepted. He attained the rank of Private First Class and received the Congressional Gold Medal from the United States Senate and House of Representatives. He went on from the military to graduate both the prestigious Howard University, and then Brooklyn Law School. He maintained a private law practice, was active in the NYC community, and served as Manhattan Borough President before getting elected as NYC Mayor on Nov 7th, 1989. As Mayor, Dinkins was known for creating a more inclusive and diverse cast of decision makers during his tenure, having appointed many POC and openly LGBTQ+ candidates to positions of importance.  


Dinkins can rest easy with his wife of 67 years, Joyce, who passed away just a few weeks prior, knowing he left a deep and profound mark on the world. He will live on in the vast legacy he left behind, and in the countless hearts of the people he impacted. He is survived by his two children.   


Semper Fidelis. 

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