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Paramount & American Corporate Partners Mentorship Program

Did you know?  More than 1 million veterans are expected to transition from the armed forces to civilian life over the next five years?

American Corporate Partners (ACP) engages the American people in a unique volunteer opportunity to provide career guidance to returning military veterans as they transition back into civilian life.  Founded in 2008, ACP, a national nonprofit organization, helps veterans find their next career through one-on-one mentoring, networking and online career advice.

We believe that the biggest issue facing our returning service members is not unemployment – its underemployment. ACP focuses on helping veterans find meaningful employment opportunities and develop long-term careers.

​Since 2016, CBS has supported ACP by providing CBS Mentors from across the company who are mentoring recently separated and soon to be transitioning Veterans.

It has been an honor and privilege to facilitate our partnership with ACP and being a part of a wonderful organization that assists veterans’ transition back into civilian life. We have made an impact to several Protégés to date!

Betty Diaz

Liaison for ViacomCBS & American Corporate Partners Mentorship Program


For more information, please visit:

2019 ViacomCBS & ACP Partnership


My mentorship experience with Joshua has been very rewarding over the past several months. What I find to be one of his most admirable traits is that he’s constantly looking to learn from every and any situation. He asks great questions and is very receptive to feedback because he knows he can use that feedback to his advantage in life, and in his career. 


Joshua has presented to me real-life scenarios that we’ve been able to address in his current employment situation, and again he finds even the most challenging situations to be an opportunity for growth and development. 


In turn, this mentorship has helped me as it’s reminded me to stay inquisitive, keeping in mind that every opportunity is an opportunity for growth on some level. The military helped hone these natural talents within Joshua, and I’m thrilled to help him further realize his goals via our ACP mentorship. I look forward to continuing to seeing his growth.

Mike Pannacciulli

VP Advanced Services

ViacomCBS Television Networks Distribution

I have truly enjoyed my experience with ACP. Not only have the mentors I've met through this program assisted me in a professional setting, but they have helped inspire me, which has impacted my personal life as well. After serving in the military I have met many positive role models who have had successful careers. When speaking to the people from back home who took a different route than myself, it has opened my eyes to new possibilities. Mike and Sau, I truly appreciate you two taking the time and effort to guide me in this new chapter. 



Joshua A. Smart-Lopez

Assistant Project Manager

Freelance Videographer

Full-time College Student

United States Navy Veteran


I’m honored to be participating in ACP’s Mentoring Program. I feel fortunate to be able to give back to our veterans in any way.


I have developed a real bond with my protégé & friend, Ross, and always look forward to our next communication.


Throughout our time in the program together, we have worked extensively interview technique/practice as well as resume/cover letter writing, and Ross has made tremendous progress.


I’m looking forward to continuing my relationship with Ross and with ACP.


Brad Trangucci 

Director, Programming Research


As a mentor, Brad was involved and genuine. I struggled with my approach to find work but his insight and resolve were instrumental in landing my dream career. Brad’s professionalism and advice have been superlative for my success and I’m forever in his debt.

Ross Reichert

US Military Veteran


I’ve made it this far in my career thanks to generous mentors who believed in me, so I was thrilled to “pay-it-forward” when ACP reached out with a potential mentee, Nick Lehman.  After serving our country and working in finance, he followed his heart and moved to Los Angeles, hungry to soak up everything that the entertainment industry has to offer.  It has been so much fun to serve as a resource to Nick as he navigates New York Film Academy and prepares to face the rigors of this new adventure.  Whether we’re learning about the art of auditioning over take-out at my desk, listening to Norman Lear speak on a Veteran’s Day panel at the Television Academy, or seeking out new talent together at college showcases, I hope to give Nick access to experiences that offer a firsthand look at how this business works, and to introduce him to strategies that will help him be competitive.  I firmly believe that his story, experience, positivity, and strong work ethic will be an asset to any film set or creative vocation, and I look forward to watching him succeed!  


Lori Erickson 

Director, Casting​

It would be impossible to count all the ways Lori mentors me while I pursue a career in the entertainment industry. I’m extremely grateful for the relationship we’ve fostered and I look forward to the growth and development of our continued partnership. Lori is an outstanding example of leadership, determination, and an inspiration to me. She exhibits the traits of servant leadership through her dedication as a mentor to me while maintaining her successful career at CBS. I want to thank ACP and most notably Lori for opening my eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength. I’ll always remain thankful for her guidance and kindness.


Nick Lehman



I was excited about the opportunity to help those that protect us every day.  Lt. Com. Chadwick White and I correspond frequently regarding his transition from the service into the private sector. Items including but not limited to, professional networking, casual conversation techniques for interviews and career fairs, utilizing past experiences as approach techniques, ultimately how to highlight his work ethic combined with long-term career goals. I am confident each conversation has been a learning experience for one another. 


What I have enjoyed greatly of our time, is his continued enthusiasm. 

The qualms of career transitions can be daunting, stressful, and ultimately career-ending before even beginning. Chad’s curiosity to ‘what’s next’ clearly negates any causes he has for concern. Additionally, we share a common disposition of family first. This has helped our mentorship grow from an authentic footing; the good of the household will ultimately be best for your career. This foundation has guided our conversations, but more importantly, it has steered Chadwick to where he wants to take his future. All within his control. 


Dominic Salvatore

Manager of Digital Technology

CBS News


Over the last few months, through American Corporate Partners (ACP), I have had the distinct honor to grow as a mentee of Mr. Dominic Salvatore. Dominic provides the timely, impactful insight I need to successfully transition from being a senior (O-5 Commander) Naval Officer to my next career in corporate America. Although he has an extremely busy professional and personal schedule, he has not waned in providing sagacious counsel during my new journey. Perhaps the most valuable advice he shares revolves around finding, establishing, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. After twenty years of service at ten different duty stations in high operational tempo roles, a non-military perspective significantly aids me in finding the “sweet spot “ in my next career that will produce joy, satisfaction, and love at home and work.


I have been thrilled with the extension of friendship and mentorship provided by Dominic, and with his help, I have no doubts I will be best prepared to transition successfully.

Chadwick “Chad” White, P.E.

Commander, Civil Engineer Corps, United States Navy

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