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ACP Protégé and Veteran Wesley S. Sends A Thank You To His Mentor, Mark Engstrom of ViacomCBS

After 20 years of service in the U.S. Navy, Wesley S., U.S. Navy, Commander, transitions to civilian life and participates with American Corporate Partners (ACP).  Wesley’s Mentor, though ACP, is Mark Engstrom, SVP and Associate General Counsel, Labor and Employment Relations at ViacomCBS.  During the course of their mentorship relationship, Mark has guided Wesley towards identifying and setting goals and has helped Wesley “grasp some important lessons learned…the importance of sustainability, when seeking employment; the importance of family and community relationships as related to work life balance; and the importance of human connection and service to others.” And, most importantly, finding a position that is truly fit for him!

Thank you for your outstanding service Wesley S. And thank you, Mark, for your guidance! We appreciate you serving as an impactful ACP Mentor. Cheers to your continued friendship!


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