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Career Day panel for the ACP Protégés in the tri-state area on March 28th

CBS Veterans Network, in partnership with American Corporate Partners (ACP), a veteran mentoring program, hosted a career day panel for the ACP Protégés in the tri-state area on March 28th, 2019. The event featured CBS Executives as guest speakers.  Among them were, Joel Molinoff, CBS's Chief Information Risk Officer and Veteran Executive, Chanel Lamb, Director Human Resources at CBS Television Network. Both speakers shared their paths to success and general best practices to navigate the corporate world. The event also featured a community service component, in service of the new ACP Military Spouse Program, where attendees had the opportunity to fill out more than 100+ letters of acknowledgement notecards to military spouses thanking their family for their service and sacrifice. “It was a joy to see everyone’s faces light up as they filled out the appreciation cards, knowing that the spouse who would receive the cards are being thought of and hopefully will bring a smile to an active duty spouse”, says Betty Diaz, East Coast Director, CBS Veterans Network.

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