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Career Spotlight with the Paramount Veterans Network: Michelle Alban & William Goshay

One of the main goals of the Paramount Veterans Network is giving back to the people who have served this country. We help veterans and servicemembers forge powerful relationships with mentors and discover great work opportunities with our company and beyond. Paramount Veterans Network members share, in their own words, about their experience in mentoring, the lessons they’ve learned and the memories they’ve made.

Michelle Alban


Michelle Alban, Vice President of Communications and Social Impact for Latin America. Michelle is an Air Force Veteran and is honored to be on the Executive Advisory Council for Paramount Veterans Network.

I am based in Florida, so most of my interactions with my VetNet colleagues are virtual, but that doesn’t diminish this group's impact on me.  My fellow members are very engaged and supportive.  I feel like they are family, even though I haven’t met them in person. 


Whether it is representing the organization at a National Hispanic Corporate Council panel or being part of a birthday celebration of a 100-year-old veteran, Al, who fought valiantly on D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge or mentoring Veteran Immersion Program participants on their career paths, I can carry on our commitment to helping our Veterans and families, and I am extremely proud of that. 


I will never forget the day that I received an email from Bob Bakish, Paramount’s President and CEO, and Richard M. Jones, Chief Veteran Officer, thanking me for my service and offering to give a donation to a Veteran charity of my choice in my name.  It touched me deeply and I will never forget the sincerity in that simple gesture. It made me feel like I was valued for my military service. 


The advice I would give to my fellow Veterans is to never give up, don’t be deterred and AIM HIGH!

William Goshay


William Goshay, Veteran Immersion Program Member and CBS Sports Intern, and previous Nick Jr. Intern, served in the United States Army as an Infantry Officer.

As a Veteran Immersion Program member, I support the Paramount Veterans Network with event planning, conduct interviews with Paramount Talent, and create content for social media channels. With CBS Sports, I most recently supported gameday preparations with behind-the-scenes camera work, assisting with studio operations and support field producers put on a smooth show for the audience.


How I give back my time to the Veteran Community at Paramount is by listening to and engaging with the many stories of the veterans who are featured in VetNet’s programming. Outside of Paramount, I am starting a veterans’ small group at my church. We will talk about our experiences, tie in biblical battles and how God persevered, and we will pray for one another.


A collection of memories that has shaped and molded me was when I was going through all my military training at Ft. Moore, GA (Formally, Ft. Benning). The best infantry officers in the world were pushing one another to not only be the best within themselves, but to also bring out the best in their subordinates. This was where I honed and shaped my soft skills of leadership, attention to detail, and adaptability as well as my hard skills of logistics, field craft, and navigation.


My favorite memory as a Veteran Immersion Program participant has got to be when I saw a commercial on Nick Jr. that I had worked on only a month earlier. There is something magical about seeing your work or work from someone you know come to life on network television. That is a memory that I’ll cherish forever.


My advice to transitioning veterans would be to have a plan of attack when you’re coming out but to be adaptable when the plans go in another direction. Enjoy the small wins in life, like not having to report to anyone if you travel. Lastly, take your time adjusting to the “real” world, and remember that not everyone has been taught the discipline and focus that it takes to survive. 


What I most look forward to in 2024 with VetNet is growth. Growth in knowledge of my craft and growth of a healthy network that supports my goals and dreams. Of course, I can’t wait for the events and coffee with vets’ sessions with my fellow VIP’s as well!


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