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CBS Veterans Network collect toys for the Detective Rafael Ramos Foundation

CBS Veterans Network in partnership with the department from 48 HOURS, collected 50+ toys for the Detective Rafael Ramos Foundation. The foundation’s goal is to make a child’s first interaction with a police officer a positive one and their annual holiday party supports that mission.  In its third year, the foundation have chosen P.S. 65 in Brooklyn, New York as the school where they will host a toy giveaway.  The drive and annual holiday party, is hosted by NYPD and Marine Corps Veteran, J.W. Cortes. J.W. is also an actor, best known for playing Detective Alvarez on GOTHAM. The event estimates a collection of ~3,000 toys.

(CBS Veterans Network and 48 Hours Toy contributions)

Betty Diaz of CBS Veterans Network pictured with her childhood friends alongside JW Cortes (right)


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