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CBS Veterans Network in London

In September, Matthew Margo and Josh Brackett of the CBS Veterans Network visited London to attend events honoring the service of those who helped keep The United Kingdom free of Nazi occupation during the dark days of the Battle of Britain during World War II.

Pictured below is Josh Brackett, Director of Veterans Initiatives at CBS Corporation, is exiting Westminster Abbey after the service.

Matthew and Josh are pictured below with members of the Royal Air Force in Westminster Abbey. The RAF pilots were honor guards for the four remaining pilots who are alive today. To the steady sound of drums and music, they escorted these pilots from the entrance at Westminster Abbey to the high alter where they were recognized for their gallantry, and where the fallen were remembered for their sacrifice. The event was attended by Prince Charles and UK Prime Minister TheresaMay.

Matthew and Josh are pictured with Squadron Leader & Flying Officer Geoffrey Wellum, following a lunch held with members of the UK Government and Royal Air Force at the RAF Club in London.

Matthew Margo, who sits on the advisory committee of the CBS Veterans Network, standing before the painting of a Lancaster Bomber used by the Royal Air Force in WWII. Matthew’s father served with high distinction during the war, ultimately commanding a squadron of bombers like those pictured here. Matthew's father was involved in over 190 combat air missions.


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