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Chicago, which hosted the 1994 opener at Solider Field, refused to bid, citing FIFA’s demands. I doubt as well that the FIFA 22 menus would use an image of how the Bernabeu will look when it's finished.

So, if you’re interested, keep reading for the most recent SBC leak and Eusabio-related information.We're hoping that if the chemistry system does receive a change, then it will still resemble the style we are used to, with stronger ratings given for better links.

Also on the flip side of the above point it should also make those who wish to see more Czech, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian and Greek clubs or the entire league not lose faith as they wouldn’t need to add a whole new league to the game, just rather new clubs to pre existing “leagues” as far as I am aware

. The Japanese kid Nakai has good potential though

Atletico: All their senior players have a face scan except for Manu Sanchez.

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A Reddit user started a thread discussing EA Sports releasing the wrong Stephen El Shaarary player item.

Anyways I'll finish by saying I've got no hope of any of these teams being scanned.

In contrast to the 1992 site announcement during a news conference, the 2026 announcement was made during a televised show from Fox's studio in Manhattan. Why are you debating if you think you know he’s scanned? If you’re relying on refifa and other rumour mills then I’d hardly call that reliable…

If he's been scanned why wouldn't they show him off? Instead they show the back of his head



Transfer Market access is a privilege for our players. The NFL averaged 17.

Yeah, well. The tracks around the map are apparently “unique,” with one source saying the map has a large train going through it as you’re racing (I guess we’ll have to leave this to the imagination).

Regardless of EA's future plans, it would be nice if the American company added a mode that paid homage to the near-three decade partnership


Also, I kinda wish Haaland didn't get a hair update - but not complaining at all.

The reason we're seeing so many updates is proof IMO that they haven't been able to scan as many teams or leagues YET, so they're doing as many PL scans and re-scans as possible.

I'm not pessimistic towards much in life , but EA have shown me what pessimism truly is.. If so I Will wait a couple of months and wait if there are going to be any New Faces


The first is improved matchmaking.

Player interactions are incredibly basic, usually out of context and add little value. Why didn't scan all those talents?

I don't now for sur that Tapsoba is à scan.FIFA fans value the ability to start playing the game earlier than the Standard Edition, which must be purchased by midnight of the launch date in order to play four days earlier than the Ultimate Edition owners. At the moment, we engage in play as a primary form of interactive experience

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