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CBS Television and the producers of Hiring America announced today “Holiday Salute to Military Families” the first-ever TV special showcasing the individuals and organizations devoted to giving back to the military and veteran communities.

The program features people like celebrity chef and host Lidia Bastianich who demonstrates how food can be a path back for veterans and their families as they return to civilian life.  She will prepare a special meal “virtually” with a veteran family to showcase how this shared experience brings families together.

Some of the organizations that will also be spotlighted include:

* “Operation Gratitude”—a national non-profit that forges bonds between the public, military and first-responders through volunteer projects, acts of gratitude and engagement in communities nationwide.

* “Wreaths Across America”—an entity that every December lays wreaths for veterans who served at 2,100+ cemeteries across the U.S. and abroad.

“What we hope to do in this first-ever special is capture the wonderful acts and deeds—the heart and soul—of people and organizations who devote their time and energies to supporting military veterans and their families in so many different ways,” said Bill Deutch, executive producer of the show. “I’m proud to be part of this effort.”

Deutch is the creator and executive producer of “Hiring America”—the nationally syndicated television series devoted to the wants and needs of transitioning veterans, families and friends. He has 10+ years experience in working with national, state and local government officials and the myriad of veteran organizations.

Holiday Salute To Military Families 

Airing in 10 CBS TV Station Markets

NY – WLNY – FRI 12/25 @ 12PM 

LA – KCAL 12/25 @ 4PM & KCBS 12/27 @ 4AM 

PHILADELPHIA – WPSG 12/20 @ 4PM & KYW 12/25 @ 4PM 

DALLAS – KTXA 12/25 @ 1PM 

BOSTON – WSBK 12/26 @ 3PM 

TAMPA -1/2/21 @ 3PM 

DETROIT – WKBD FRI 12/25 @ 12PM 

MIAMI – WBFS 12/27 @ 2PM 



Holiday Salute for Military Families on Pluto TV Military Channel

All times Eastern:

  • 12/23 - 8pm

  • 12/24 - 12am and 11:15am

  • 12/25 - 6:15 pm

  • 12/26 - 9:30 am

  • 12/27 - 2:30 pm

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