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Tiffany Pilgrim

Veteran and Military Relations

ViacomCBS Veterans Network

TIFFANY PILGRIM is a Barbadian-American, and served honorably on active-duty in the U.S. Army as a Motor Transport Operator. She did boot camp and AIT at Fort Leonard, MO. Her first and last duty station was Fort Carson, CO. She was discharged honorably in 2011.

Before ViacomCBS, Tiffany worked a number of years in PR, social media, marketing and design, consulting with clients and global agencies. Tiffany is a creative technologist and communications expert with experience ranging from agency, non-profit, media and entertainment Fortune 500 companies. Previously she was a veteran intern at SHOWTIME in subscription marketing, where she conducted user research on SHOWTIME's college student subscribers. She led creative direction and presented to SHOWTIME's COO and 60+ employees on how to migrate students from the Showtime/Hulu/Spotify student bundle post-graduation to SHOWTIME's full price. During her time there, she created a military discount pricing strategy deck for the subscription team, and found opportunities for 20+ military partnerships. In addition, she owned the heuristic analysis of content, UX/UI functionality for SHOWTIME’s websites/apps in the Google Play Store, and provided recommendations.

Among her achievements, she has managed accounts of more than 14 million customers in the PR, marketing, design and social media sector. With a diploma in business technology and bachelor of fine arts studies in graphic design, she is driven by the force of technology and how it ignites future innovation. 

The Barbados Today recognizes her as, "A multi-talented creative making waves in Brooklyn". She has been a featured guest contributor on the former CBS corporate diversity blog, including the current ViacomCBS Veterans Network news section. Her experience working with Fortune 500 companies has inspired her strategic approach to special projects. 

In her free time, Tiffany also provides connections between ViacomCBS and other veterans networks, such as Veterans in Media & Entertainment (VME), where she leads the NYC chapter for events and communications. She is currently sitting on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leadership Committee at VME. She is also a certified community producer at BRIC. Among others, she enjoys branding, style, art and human factors psychology; including, teaching etiquette and protocol. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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