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A “Veterans Day” recap from the ViacomCBS Veterans Network

November 11th, 2020 was a very special day for the ViacomCBS Veterans Network, including many across the nation. Over the years, the ViacomCBS Veterans Network’s mission has been to uphold our honor and values, in respect for our nation’s brave men and women. Our resilient championship to spread awareness company-wide and externally has made an impact on those in the community, including military families.

For Veterans Day, some of our biggest supporters are not always veterans themselves; however, admirers of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. One of those supporters is Mike Mass, Executive Producer from CBS. Mr. Maas produced a 30 second video honoring veterans on Veterans Day. It was featured on ViacomCBS Veterans Network’s social media channels, among others, and aired on CBS local stations around the nation. Acts of selfless service such as this, are attributes of military values we hold dear at the ViacomCBS Veterans Network. On Veterans Day, it is a true testament that we all stand united in respect for those who were willing to serve.

On the 11th day, at the 11th hour, ViacomCBS’ Chief Veteran Officer, Rich M. Jones wrote his annual company-wide letter honoring veterans and informing employees on the importance of Veterans Day. Mr. Jones, a veteran himself, knows about the veterans experience, and truly inspires employees who self-identify as veterans, including civilians who are willing to give back to veterans, some of them who have volunteered in veterans initiatives within the company.

On behalf of the ViacomCBS Veterans Network, we thank every veteran for their service to our great nation. “We are indebted to their ultimate sacrifice, so that we may have our freedom, and our good deed is to continue to serve them returning home”. Said Tiffany Pilgrim, Veteran and Military Relations Coordinator.


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