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CBS Vet Net Members & SEAL Team Cast members attend Military Support Day in Pittsburgh!

Toni Trucks, Hill Pluviose, Betty Diaz, Judd Lormand

CBS Veterans Network Members attended Military Support Day on Saturday, September 21, 2019 in Pittsburgh. CBS (KDKA) and their partners with the Mall at Robinson provided knowledge of the valuable resources available to assist current and former military members and their spouses with the transition back into the private sector!

CBS SEAL Team’s Toni Trucks and Judd Lormand were in attendance and held a fun Q&A session. Fans were able to ask questions related to the show. Toni Trucks and Judd Lormand were excited to be part of such an impactful event!

SEAM Team’s Toni Trucks and Judd Lormand

"Telling the incredibly complex stories, of the Military community, every week on SEAL Team is both a thrill and a great responsibility. Getting those stories right, means spending time with our incredible veterans and all the people around them. We were so grateful to be asked come celebrate and support the Military community in Pittsburgh. It was encouraging to see how many local businesses get involved and support service members in all stages of life and need. Any time we can spend with Veterans is invaluable to our storytelling.  We are so happy to be linked to this brave and diverse family around the word”, says Toni Trucks, SEAL Team cast member.

“I had a wonderful and inspiring day, meeting and chatting with active duty military members and veterans from the Pittsburgh community. Military Support Day was a tremendous event put on by CBS Veterans Network, KDKA and their partners, and numerous local businesses, all showing their sincere appreciation for our service members. Additional highlights, from the weekend, included seeing one of our fans, Eryn Seeger, who manages the SEAL Team Fan page on Facebook, made the long drive over to see us. And the most memorable highlight of the day was getting to meet Vietnam Veteran US Navy Class 33R Dan Freallie, so honored to meet this gentleman”, says Judd Lormand, SEAL Team cast member.

Judd Lormand and Vietnam Veteran US Navy Class 33R Dan Freallie

Judd Lormand said he thanked Dan for his service and then Dan turned around and said, “Sir I thank you for your service on your Show.” Dan is a SEAL Team Viewer. Judd was so touched and moved by that.

It was a wonderful day filled with excitement, resources, emotion, gratitude and impact.


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