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CBS Veteran Intern Day in Los Angeles

On August 15th, Josh Brackett of CBS hosted CBS Veteran Intern Day.  The Veteran Interns of CBS were given the opportunity to meet with CBS employees throughout the day who hold leadership positions in various departments within the company.  Each person they met with shared their personal career paths and gave a Q&A period. 

Pictured Below from left to right:

Jessie Mendoza, Veteran Intern, Harry Isaacs, Executive Vice President of Labor Relations, Donna Osiri, Vice President of Strategic Sourcing, and Jai Pellerin, Veteran Intern.

Pictured below from left to right: Sherri Sylvester, Deputy Bureau Chief, Sandy Hernandez, Veteran Intern, and Eleanore Vega, West Coast Bureau Chief

Pictured below from left to right: Brad Lawler, Veteran Intern, Kevin Oldis, Vice President of- Human Resources, and Kevin Brown, Veteran Intern. 

Pictured below are CBS Veteran Interns: Jessie Mendoza, Kevin Brown, Brad Lawler, Jai- Pellerin, and Sandy Hernandez.


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