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FourBlock - Veteran Career Readiness Program

On September 27, 2017 the CBS Veterans Network hosted a visit from an organization called, FourBlock Veteran Career Readiness Program. The CBS Veterans Network has worked very closely with this group throughout the last few years. FourBlock is a semester-long, university-accredited program that provides professional development, career exploration, and networking opportunities to ensure that veterans are ready to pursue the best careers possible. A group of 15 veteran students and their instructors visited CBS for a panel session on career readiness and a Q&A period.  For more information about FourBlock, please visit:

A special thanks to the panelists, Tim Farrell and Catrice Monson of CBS for their continued support of the CBS Veterans Network! 

Pictured below are members of the CBS Veterans Network, instructors of FourBlock, and veteran students of FourBlock:


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