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Hope and Support for Paramount Veterans Network friend Justin Constantine, Marine Corps Veteran

A few words from Christopher Byrd the organizer of this fundraiser on behalf of Justin Constantine.

Did you ever know someone who truly sacrificed something for the greater good? Or have a friend who you admire for their choices, their values, their strength?

That friend needs your help right now.

If you are reading this, you know Justin Constantine. You know that he was nearly killed by a sniper's bullet in Iraq in 2006. If it were not for the bravery and talent of many, many of his brothers and sisters in the military, he would not be here in 2022. You know that since that time, he has become an author and inspirational speaker who has reached so many people with his story of perseverance, of strength, and of love. You also know that standing by his side, adding to his strength, supporting him, and enduring many sacrifices of her own is his soulmate, Dahlia.

Here is what you might not know.

In January 2020, out of nowhere, Justin got the news that you never want to hear. He was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer. For 18 months, he changed his diet completely, exercised, took a variety of medications, and underwent numerous treatments. He went after this as he has gone after everything else in his life - with focus, determination, and strength. Unfortunately, it just wasn't working. He was hospitalized for a time in November 2021. For the last five months, Justin and Dahlia's lives have been a never ending series of hospital visits, treatments, physical therapy sessions, and, most of all, uncertainty. The intensity of his cancer has caused great physical and emotional pain. He has experienced significant weight loss, sleepless nights caused by pain and worry, and it is a struggle to take a short walk across a room.

Here is where we need your help.

With conventional means of treating cancer proving unsuccessful, Justin and Dahlia have found a place they feel will make a difference. The Block Center in Chicago combines different therapies and treatments tailored to the individual. This includes conventional treatment, diet, lifestyle, and emotional support all geared toward helping patients recover from cancer and thrive. Justin has already felt the difference in the approach from The Block Center.

He needs more treatments there and he needs financial support to do it. Justin and Dahlia have already spent over $25,000 to begin their work with The Block Center. And they have sold off a property to raise another $130,000 toward the treatments. The care given there is costly and there is also the cost of travel to Chicago, hotel stays, and the variety of other expenses that go with day to day life. We don't want Justin and Dahlia to worry about money right now; we want them focused on getting better and saving his life.

Friends, please give what you can and we can provide Justin and Dahlia the strength of our support the way we have seen from them so many times over the years.


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