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James Martin Honored During Super Bowl LV Coin Toss

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs meet at midfield, they’ll be joined by Center Township native and Marine, James Martin.

Martin arrived in Tampa Bay for the Super Bowl and his wife Renee made sure to document their time at Raymond James Stadium.

He was chosen as an honorary captain for his work during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping set up live-streams for Aliquippa High School athletics so parents and friends could watch sporting events this year.

He’s also been helping veterans connect during video game live streams.

“We all need connection,” Martin said. “If there’s anything this pandemic has shown, it’s that everybody needs the interaction, they need their friends, they need their family, they need their restaurants and that’s understood, but when we can’t have them, there’s always another way.”

Of course, as Pittsburgh people, it wouldn’t be a trip to the Super Bowl without a picture next to the storied Lombardi Trophy.

When Martin heads to midfield, he may be in Tampa Bay, but he’ll be representing the black and gold!


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