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May is National Military Appreciation Month

May is an important month for the armed services. It is full of historical moments and battles that defined history. From The Battle of the Ticonderoga to The Battle of The Wilderness, Anzac to Ypres, and Operation Achilles to Operation Neptune Spear, May holds a wealth of military heritage that reflects the bravery and sacrifice of our nation’s men and women, along with her allies’, and the American people have shown their appreciation in many ways. This includes officially making the month of May “National Military Appreciation Month,” on top of the many holidays.

The proclamation was proposed by late Arizona Senator John McCain back in 1999 and was passed by Congress and the House of Representatives. It calls for all Americans to observe the month in solemn remembrance for those who gave their lives in defense of this great nation.

On May 8th, we observe Victory in Europe or V-E Day, celebrating the Allied victory over the Nazi Regime that held its grip over Europe in 1945. We remember the brave men and women who liberated a continent and brought an end to a horrendous period in human history.

On May 18th, we observe Armed Forces Day, where Americans come together and thank the men and women in uniform for their continued and faithful service to our country.

Finally, on May 27th, we celebrate Memorial Day. It is a time to celebrate the lives given to ensure that our way of life is protected. Community organizers in cities and towns across America gather citizens to plant flags at the graves of American Service Members in somber remembrance, and there are parades held nationwide in honor of the deceased.

We cherish the sacrifices made for America by the brave men and women who served and sacrificed, and there is a list of companies across the country that extend discounts to all active duty military and veterans as a small token of appreciation. Resources like and are a great source of information, as well as being updated consistently.

This month, there are many companies and corporations across America offering their thanks and appreciation to the men and women who served. One of the most popular music streaming services, Pandora, is offering a discounted rate for Active Duty and Veterans, with Premium plans as low as $7.99 a month.

Among the plethora of restaurants such as Applebee’s that provide a free meal to active duty military and veterans on Memorial Day, many museums offer free admission. To start, any Blue Star Museum, in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Arts, will provide free access to the whole family, making a great afternoon of history, culture, and art. This includes over 2000 locations nationwide, so be on the lookout. The full list will be released soon, and this initiative starts on May 18th. For more information about Blue Star Families, click here. If you would like to know more about the National Endowment for the Arts, you can find out here.

For the do it yourself guru, Memorial Day is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of home improvement offers. Both Lowe’s and Home Depot are offering discounts to active duty and veterans this Memorial Day (as well as Independence Day and Veteran’s Day) For more information and resources available to you and your family, please visit the CBS Veterans Network resources page.


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