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Memorial Day Ceremony Invite

For several years now the Veterans Resource Group at Sony Pictures has been meeting at the Los Angeles National Cemetery the Sunday before Memorial Day and remembering those no longer here to enjoy the freedom they fought to protect. This started 6 years ago with a group of family and friends remembering their family member buried at the cemetery and taking the time to visit as many gravesites as possible, thank the deceased for the service and lay a carnation on the grave stone. The first year, the 10 volunteers that came were only able to purchase 500 carnations. This ceremony has grown year over year and last year we had almost 150 volunteers and thanks to the support of the community we were able to purchase 22,000 carnations. Even though this was an extraordinary accomplishment, we knew that the we left without visiting so many. In all, there are almost 90,000 gravesites at the cemetery. This year we will hopefully be able to place a carnation on every gravesite! What we are asking for is donations and volunteers. To date we have raised  enough to purchase 73,000 carnations. We are only $4,300 shy of our goal and we are confident that, with everyone's help, we will be able to place a carnation on each and every gravesite! 

Along with donations, we are in need of volunteers. With the increase in carnations, comes an increase in volunteer support needed. We hope to see everyone there and ask that you share the attached flyer through your different networks.

If you would like to volunteer, please RSVP to

If you would like to donate, please visit


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