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Military Basketball Association Content Can Be Found on Pluto TV On Demand

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Following an eventful basketball season, the Military Basketball Association scores a spot with Pluto TV On Demand securing two military basketball-themed programs.

'MBA: Life Through Basketball’ follows the journey of the Military Basketball Association and its efforts to help service members have an outlet from their everyday stressors, deployments, and mental health. The documentary is available with two 30-min episodes:

  • Episode 1, ‘Road to the MBA Finals’, follows the journey of sixteen west coast Military basketball teams competing to be crowned Pacific West Military Basketball Champions.

  • Episode 2, ‘MBA Finals: There Can Only Be One!’, showcases the MBA Finals and 20 of the top military basketball teams from around the world competing in the finals in Wichita, Kansas, where “there can only be one” crowned, 2023 MBA Champions.

The Military Basketball Association’s mission is ‘Life Through Basketball’. Every year the MBA hosts many events, including basketball games, to bring awareness to the many behavioral health concerns that veterans and service members face every day. The MBA seeks to educate communities on the challenges and stigmas regarding Post Traumatic Stress and strongly advocates for the intervention in the alarming rate of Veteran Suicides,” said Angel “Ace” Acevedo, Deputy Commissioner and Co-Founder of the Military Basketball Association. “We are grateful to Aarien Foster of Off The Lens Production and his team for capturing the inspiring story behind “Life Through Basketball” and producing an outstanding documentary” he continued.

The second piece of content available on Pluto TV On Demand is the 2023 MBA Championship Game. Aired initially during Memorial Day weekend on CBS Sports Network, the 2023 Military Basketball Association's Championship Game shows the game between Luke Air Force Base and Colorado Military Basketball.

“The Military Basketball Association is extremely grateful to CBS Sports Network and Pluto TV for providing a historical moment and opportunity, where our nation’s heroes competed on live television for the greatest prize in volunteer military basketball,” said Mike Meyers, Commissioner and Co-Founder of Military Basketball Association. “Since 2017, when the MBA was first founded, the goal was always to capture and display the incredible talent and athleticism demonstrated on the basketball court by our military teams. With so many moving parts that go into each and every program, we are extremely thankful that we were able to highlight our military athletes during the MBA Championship game on CBS Sports Network (Live) during the 2023 Memorial Day weekend and now it’s made available for all to see on Pluto TV on Demand.”

“MBA created a platform where service members and veterans can come together to not only play basketball but simultaneously work on their mental wellness and create a sense of family rarely created outside of the military. MBA’s ‘Life through Basketball mission aligns with Paramount VetNet’s four pillars: Appreciation, Resiliency, Action, and Impact. What an amazing opportunity to highlight outstanding individuals who served our country and served on the basketball court,” says Betty Diaz, Head of Programs & Operations for Paramount Veterans Network. “Life Through Basketball' is more than just a slogan; it's a way of life that brings hope, community, and love by providing these opportunities [playing basketball] to those who have served and are still serving in the military. The Championship game captures the camaraderie between the players, not only on their own team but with their competition as well. Yes, they are competing against each other for the championship crown, but what you see transpire on the basketball court is hope, community, and love for the game and each other,” she continued.

To watch the content, visit Pluto.TV, you can navigate by going to On Demand and then going to “Recently Added TV" or "Sports Docs”. Or, simply do a search “MBA: Life Through Basketball” and “MBA Championship Game 2023.


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