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Nickelodeon Community Efforts (NiCE), Paramount Parenthood ERG, & Paramount VetNet: Let's Draw!

In early August 2023, the Nickelodeon Community Efforts team (NiCE), NickU, Paramount Global’s Parenthood ERG and the Paramount Veterans Network joined efforts to bring families together for NiCE’s longstanding event, Let’s Draw! This event provided an opportunity for Nick Artists to show children how to draw Nickelodeon and Paramount Plus characters. Attendees learned how to draw Annie and Pony from the show “It’s Pony”, Lucy and Lincoln Loud from the show “The Loud House”, characters from “The Smurfs” and more!

“This was a fun, character-building (pun-intended) event. To see all of drawings that the children created and all of their smiling faces was heartwarming. They were excited to draw their favorite Nickelodeon characters. We definitely see future Artists and Graphic Designers joining the Nickelodeon family in the future! We look forward to collaborating with NICE and The Paramount Parenthood Employee Resource Group again in the near future”, said Betty Diaz, Paramount Veterans Network

"It was rejuvenating to take a creativity break and have fun drawing our favorite Nickelodeon characters. Huge thanks to Jeff Sornig, my fellow Marine brother, OORAH!!…NICE, VetNet and Paramount Parenthood ERG!”, says Chris Barrett, Marine Corps Veteran


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