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NYC FourBlock Class and ViacomCBS’ Mentorship Prepares Veterans with Mock Interviews

ViacomCBS VetNet is proud that our own HR Director and proud Army Veteran, Chanel Lamb, participated as a mentor in FourBlock’s virtual Mock Interview session this November. The Fall 2020 FourBlock NYC cohort has been entirely virtual due to the pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped FourBlock from continuing its mission to serve veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce. Eric Stetson, a FourBlock Regional Director, said “Our Veterans were able to practice interviewing using targeted resumes for specific positions while in the "virtual" environment with its challenges - and then receive candid feedback from the interviewers.”

The FourBlock cohort offers veterans a strong sense of community building and professional development. Attendee Matias Ayala, President of Fordham University’s Student Veterans Association said “The mock interview is by far my favorite session up to this point. The mentors' willingness to offer their time to help individual veterans is a testament to their character and the values of the companies they represent. I've been involved in many interviews from both sides of the table, and I learn something new every time. These mock interviews were again the best learning experience. The mentors who interviewed me gave some great feedback and asked some insightful questions, which I would have never considered myself.”

As an industry professional in HR, Chanel was uniquely positioned to give constructive feedback and industry insights to the participating cohort. Having mentors who understand the nuances of veteran transition is crucial and, in that regard, Chanel is also an exemplary mentor – being an Army Veteran herself.

We thank Chanel for being so generous with her time, insights, and mentorship towards our collective military and veteran community. Hooah!


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