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NYU Stern’s Military Veterans Scholars Program visits with ViacomCBS & Veterans Network

Recently, ViacomCBS Veterans Network participated in a virtual company visit and career panel, attended by students from the NYU Stern’s Military Veterans Scholars Program. The program, now in its fourth cohort of Military Veterans Fertitta Scholars, participate in a virtual 6-week summer intensive academic and recruiting preparation program. The students take classes Monday-Thursday and go on company visits on Fridays. Historically, the company visits have been in-person, as many of them have never stepped foot in an office; however, this year, the event was held virtually.

The career panel portion of the event welcomed three panelists who shared their career path and advice to the students of the program:

•  Richard M. Jones, EVP General Tax Counsel & Chief Veteran Officer, ViacomCBS

•  Bryon Stopfer, Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing, ViacomCBS

•  Daniel Galgano, Director of MBA Program, HR, ViacomCBS

“The support that ViacomCBS shows to their Veteran employees was palpable. In addition to learning more about the company/internship program, I loved the tips about the transferable skills that our Fertitta Scholars should highlight, including the ability to make decisions quickly while keeping a calm demeanor, execute well in a humble fashion, be a great team player, and work with multiple stakeholders”, says Ava Danville, Associate Director, Corporate Relations of the NYU Stern School of Business

"It's comforting to know that a company as big as ViacomCBS is creating career pathways for the veteran community." - Joshua Forgy, 6 years in the United States Coast Guard

“Richard and the other panelists from Viacom were authentically invested in the success of veterans. They recognized the value of veterans and the perspective and experience they bring to the table.” - Michael Beauchamp, 4 years, Army as a 68W, Sergeant (E5)

"Thanks so much for veterans working at ViacomCBS shared their experience. Their advice is very helpful. Transition from military back to civilian is not an easy task, but, with their help, it becomes more smoothly. And special thanks to Mr. Bryon Stopfer, for the follow-up zoom chat during his busy work." - Zhehao Chen, 4 years, Army, Sergeant (E5)

"I was very impressed with the various veteran support networks in place at ViacomCBS. That proves their dedication to give back to those who have served their country." - John Hopkins, 6 years, USMC.


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