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Paramount Veterans Network collaborates with CBS Los Angeles and CBS Sports to produce Memorial Day

Memorial Day: Remember The Fallen…

“A soldier falls, and is laid to rest.

A soldier falls, a bottle long forgotten.

A soldier falls, a name etched in stone.

A soldier falls, a sacrifice honored.”

To those who made the ultimate sacrifice, who displaced unwavering courage and determination, put country above all else, you are Heroes. We are forever indebted to you. You inspire us. Your impact is everlasting. We will always remember those we have lost and honor their memory, which lives on forever.

As we honor the dead of our wars, recall their valor and their sacrifices, and remember that they gave their lives so that others might live. We must remember those brave and selfless Service Members, specifically, the 1,197,146 of our fellow citizens, including 7,054 post 9/11 Veterans, who sacrificed all and gave their last full measure of devotion in order to secure freedom and peace. As John Maxwell Edmunds said of the fallen at the Battle of Kohima in 1944: “When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today . . .”

We are eternally grateful, and we know that freedom is not free and has a tremendous cost.

We must try to honor them, not for their sakes alone, but for our own. Words cannot repay the debt that we owe these brave men and women, but surely with our actions we can strive to keep faith with them and with the vision that led them to battle and to final sacrifice…


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