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Paramount VetNet attend GI Go Fund's 4th annual Navy SEAL Swim

Paramount Veterans Network supported the 4th annual Navy SEAL Swim organized by GI Go Fund. This effort honored both the 21st Anniversary of 9/11, as well as the 11th anniversary of the greatest loss of Navy SEALs in the history of all Special Operation Forces missions. The downed SEALs are remembered by their call sign “Extortion 17.” The NAVY SEAL Hudson River Swim and Run initiative serves to remember our fallen Americans, but also to raise funds for veterans in need.

During this event, Paramount Veterans Network had the opportunity to meet Navy SEALS and their loved ones. Also, Paramount Veterans Network made a live television appearance on CBS New York with Weather Anchor, John Elliot. Paramount Veterans Network Veteran Immersion Program (VIP) participant, Ricky Enrique, was Interviewed by John Elliot and spoke on the importance of the event and military representation in general.

“Supporting the NAVY SEAL Swim reminds us of the many ways we can honor the veterans and civilians who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we could stand here today,” says Ricky Enrique, Navy Veteran

Paramount Veterans Network is proud to support this initiative and the GI Go fund. For more information on the NAVY SEAL Swim and other GI Go fund initiatives, please visit:


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