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Stomping Grounds Cafe in Philly hosts Paramount VetNet “Coffee With Vets”

On the heels of Mental Health Action Day, Paramount Veterans Network kept the momentum of Mental Health Awareness month going with a trip to Stomping Grounds Cafe in Philadelphia. The cafe played host to Paramount Veterans Network’s ongoing “Coffee with Vets” series and GI Go Fund’s “The Great Constantine Golf Across America,” which honors the legacy of Marine veteran Lt. Col. Justin Constantine who used golf for his mental health. Veterans could get a free cup of coffee and enjoy the camaraderie of other veterans and work on their putting skills for their mental health.

CBS Philadelphia reporter Wakisha Bailey covered the event and interviewed several veterans for various news hits throughout the morning. “There was plenty of coffee served, which might have helped or hurt those participating in the golf putting,” says Chris Barrett, Marine Corps veteran.

An Army veteran in attendance happened to be a PGA pro golfer and was handing out pointers and tips to everyone, which really helped! Representatives from local veteran organizations were in attendance giving out information on veteran services and benefits.

Go to to learn more and join our effort to shift from awareness to action on mental health!

Check out the coverage of the story by KYW-TV CBS Philly


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