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Thriving Beyond Surviving: A Conversation on PTSD and Resilience

On the heels of Mental Health Action Day in May, ViacomCBS Veterans Network hosted a discussion on PTSD and resilience, during National Post-Traumatic Stress Awareness Month on Thursday June 3, 2021. The panel discussion was led by CBS News, CBS This Morning Correspondent, and CBSN Anchor Vladimir Duthiers who was joined by a panel of five veterans. The panel included Army veterans Dan Nevins and SEAL TEAM star Tyler Grey, Marine veterans Taniki Richard and Richard Timberlake, and Army National Guard veteran Antionette Wallace.

To kick-off the event everyone was encouraged to perform a simple breathing exercise to help one relax and focus. During the discussion, each veteran was able to share their experiences with military traumas as well as offer actionable steps to cope with different forms of military hardship. Participants asked questions regarding their own military wounds and resources were provided which included the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) that assists wounded, ill, or injured veterans and their families. To conclude the event, Dan Nevins led everyone in a short meditation exercise that can easily be implemented into any routine.

“I really enjoyed the meditation that was facilitated by Dan Nevins and the three daily techniques to set people up for healing and resilience. The first is connecting with someone every day, the second action is moving your body with intention for 30 minutes a day and the last and third action, taking on a daily practice of gratitude and acknowledging three things you are grateful for. Thank you to Dan and also Erik who facilitated the breathing exercise. These simple yet effective tasks will definitely make a difference in my life”, says Bethania Diaz, military family member

“I was thankful the veterans felt comfortable sharing their stories with us. As the panelists spoke about creating an identity outside and independent of the military versions of themselves, I felt rejuvenated to do this for myself. It’s something you don’t hear veterans talk about enough and hopefully this is the new trend”, says Chris Barrett, Marine veteran

“The responsibility to heal is on you, not the burden of carrying your trauma. Live your truth, so you can truly live!”, says Taniki Richard, Marine veteran and who served on the panel

Please see full event HERE.


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