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TOUGH AS NAILS kicks off the third season from Camp Pendleton

TOUGH AS NAILS kicks off the third season from Camp Pendleton, Marine Corps Base in Southern California, where season one winner Marine Veteran Kelly “Murph” Murphy returns to kick off the new season and guide the crew through their first challenge on the season premiere episode.


Host and Executive Producer, Phil Keoghan and Murph is joined by Entertainment Tonight and ViacomCBS Veterans Network. Murph says, “It feels great to be back on Camp Pendleton. I was stationed on this base for 16 years. It’s a very emotional homecoming.”  

Phil Keoghan thanks Richard Jones, Chief Veteran Officer & the team at ViacomCBS Veterans Network, and Gerry Byrne, Vice Chairman of Penske Media, for supporting the show Tough as Nails and especially its military connection.

“The reason this episode at Camp Pendleton happened is because of the ViacomCBS Veterans Network,” said Phil Keoghan. “We have a lot of association with Vets at CBS. Having met some of the vets and knowing that our first champion on “Tough As Nails” was Murph, a Veteran… because of that we are here at Red Beach. This is a very special place. This is where Marines train before they get deployed. We are grateful that the military has embraced what the meaning of “Tough As Nails” is all about. Phil hopes that the show inspires young men and woman in high school to consider the military as a place that teaches valuable life skills.  

ViacomCBS Veterans Network is proud to support storytelling that uplifts our military and veteran community, and we thank Kelly Murphy, and all other Marines who participated in setting up Season Three of Tough as Nails for their selfless and dedicated service!

TOUGH AS NAILS is showing on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.


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