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Toys for Tots NYC Drive Wrapped Up Successfully!

Over the last two weeks, ViacomCBS Veterans Network & CBS New York Toys for Tots drive raised 500 dollars in cash towards holiday toys, as well as another 250 toys themselves. Toys for Tots helps provide gifts for economically disadvantaged families. All in all, the total contributions from our drive amounted to nearly $4,000 worth of toys. The toys ran the gambit from bi-lingual hippo games, to action figures, science and chemistry sets, coloring books, instruments and more.

It’s impossible to truly know the lasting impact that important initiatives like these can play in a child’s development. Every child should be able to participate in holiday traditions, carefree from the logistics of it all. ViacomCBS Veterans Network is hopeful that the gifts purchased, and the money raised, will bring some magic to many wonderful children this holiday season.

Happy Holidays, and may you and your families enjoy the peace of the season.


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