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Tyler Grey - Former US Army Special Operations keeping it real in critically acclaimed CBS Series

It’s 2005 and the “High Value Target” mission in Sadr City, Iraq is underway.  Tyler Grey, a US Army Special Operations on the Tier 1 Counter Terrorism Unit, is inside the house working his way slowly through the dark. Suddenly there’s gunfire in the hallway, followed by a massive explosion.  Grey’s body takes the bulk force. He’s sent straight up in the air, hitting the ceiling and falling back down -- HARD. From his wrist to his elbow, his arm is in shreds and his artery is severed.   Tyler Grey life as he knows it, will never be the same again.

The night of terror in 2005, that nearly took Tyler Grey’s life, may have signaled the end of his career in the Special Forces, but it opened up a completely new role, that he could never have imagined possible --  going to Hollywood and playing the part of a Navy Seal.

Tyler Grey showed everyone he was not out for the count – not by a long shot.  He is now a producer and actor (who plays Trent) on the critically acclaimed CBS series “Seal Team”. Along with other Special Ops Veterans, he’s involved in every aspect of production to make sure it’s the real deal – an authenticity that hasn’t been seen at this level on Television before.

But it goes beyond just making sure it’s a genuine portrayal of Navy Seals. Tyler Grey and the production team have a bigger mission.  They want to provide a platform where Veterans’ real life, hard to talk about issues can be addressed through the storyline and characters -- in turn helping others understand those who have experienced the trauma of warfare.  This is the remarkable story of how one man chose to overcome his own obstacles and dedicate his life helping others face theirs.

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