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Veterans Network Staff Share their Connection to Service this Veterans Day

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Veterans Day is the flagship holiday for the Veteran and Military Community. There is much rich history behind its celebration, and a lot of rightful somber reverence for the veterans that the day seeks to uplift. In the spirit of the day, The ViacomCBS Vet Net Team put together a personal and heartfelt Veterans Day “Thank You” video, sharing what it means to our team, that we celebrate this important day.

Our team was humbled that ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish featured our video on his LinkedIn page. Mr. Bakish prefaced our video saying, “In a year of extraordinary challenges and intense divisions, we look to those precious moments that can truly unite us.” And it is our highest honor to do just that: unite diverse communities through our content, and positionality as veterans.

We’re privileged to have our team members come from all walks of life and service branches. Some are military family, Veterans themselves, or enthusiastic allies. Despite all our differences, the video our team produced shared a unified front and a single narrative: when you choose to serve our country, or devote your time in service of those who do – you join a tight-knit family that has your back. The Military and Veteran Community is a sisterhood and brotherhood of Americans who are proud to stand for all. This is why Vet Net excels at all we do; because of the deep bond of trust, respect, drive, and passion instilled in each member of our community, through the shared experience of our service.

Vet Net is proud of the empowering environment our company has nurtured for its veteran and military community, and we’re humbled and motivated by the continuous company-wide support at all levels of leadership, not only on Veterans Day, but year-round. Our team wishes a “Happy Veterans Day” to all of our Military and Veteran family across the globe. But of course, here at ViacomCBS Vet Net, every day is Veterans Day.


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