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VetNet VIP Meet and Greet: Bob Bakish

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

The Paramount Veterans Network hosted its third annual series of VIP Meet and Greets for the Summer 2023 cohort. These sessions give VIP members the unique opportunity to learn from industry professionals, talent, and C-suite executives at Paramount Global. In this concluding session, VIP members met with Bob Bakish, President and CEO, Paramount Global, to brief him on their summer projects and ask questions about the business, his career and approach to leadership.

Paramount VetNet VIP Meet & Greet Web Series Season 3 | Episode 1: Bob Bakish

Moderated by former Army Ranger Richard M. Jones, Chief Veteran Officer and EVP General Tax Counsel, Paramount Global, the event was a wide-ranging discussion with Bob, who spoke to the importance of embracing change, learning how to be an effective communicator and becoming someone who others depend on even in the face of unforeseen obstacles. He also shared more about the company’s strategy for growth and transformation in the evolving media landscape, as well as insights from his own career path, among other topics of interest.

Having the opportunity to present my work in front of our CEO was an honor and a privilege that was made possible by the Veterans Immersion Program. As a VIP, I have had the privilege to work amongst the best professionals in the media business. It was an experience that gave me the tools and confidence to continue to foster and grow as I look to progress in the field of multimedia. Thank you to the entire VIP program and Paramount Global for reconnecting me with what I love to do!”

-Will Goshay, U.S. Army

“It was so generous of Bob to come and speak with the VIP, hear from program members and recognize the impact of veterans on our company’s success. Bob sets a high standard for other leaders to emulate in how he offers his time, insight, and expertise to veterans and other developing professionals at Paramount.”

–Chris Barrett, U.S. Marine Corps


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