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VetNet VIP Meet and Greet: Toughs as Nails Veteran Series

The Paramount Veterans Network hosted a series of VIP Meet and Greets for the second year in a row during Summer 2022. These sessions were added to the VIP Meet and Greets Web Series, featuring a variety of industry professionals and C-suite executives from across Paramount Global. These sessions were created for the VetNet’s Veteran Immersion Program to meet with and learn from Paramount executive leadership and employees. The Meet and Greet moderators included: Richard M. Jones, EVP General Tax Counsel & Chief Veteran Officer, Paramount, Betty Diaz, Director of Programs & Operations, Paramount, and Brad Mueller, Director of Creatives for Paramount VetNet and Manager, Tax Incentives.

VIP Meet & Greet Web Series Season 2: Episode 3: The cast of CBS’s Tough as Nails

In early August 2022, Competitors from seasons 1-3 of CBS’ Tough As Nails joined the Paramount Veterans Network Veteran Immersion Program in a Meet & Greet. The panel included Marine Corps Veteran Kelly “Murph” Murphy (Tough As Nails Season One Champion), Air Force Veteran Merryl Tengesdal from Season Two and Marine Corps Veteran and Army Reserve Lia Mort (Tough As Nails Season Three Champion). This session was moderated by Betty Diaz, Director of Programs & Operations, Paramount.

Each panelist spoke about what it was like being on a reality show, and how it differs, in mostly good ways, from other reality television programs on the air. The challenges on the show were similar to scenarios and dynamics they experienced in the military. Some experienced the show with some sort of camaraderie; since there was no form communication with their families while filming the show, they leaned on one another and supported each other like a family would. Panelists often remember their time on the show and if given the opportunity, they said they would all go back, and Merryl mentioned she would be interested in participating with MTV The Challenge!

I enjoyed the conversation, each contestant was very down-to-earth and were open about their experiences on the show. I could tell how much they enjoyed their time on the show and with Phil," –Chris Barrett, Marine Corps Veteran.


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