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VetNet VIP Meet & Greet: Ray Hopkins and Mickey Carter

The Paramount Veterans Network hosted a series of VIP Meet and Greets for the second year in a row during Summer 2022. These sessions were added to the VIP Meet and Greets Web Series, featuring a variety of industry professionals and C-suite executives from across Paramount Global. These sessions were created for the VetNet’s Veteran Immersion Program to meet with and learn from Paramount executive leadership and employees. The Meet and Greet moderators included: Richard M. Jones, EVP General Tax Counsel & Chief Veteran Officer, Paramount, Betty Diaz, Director of Programs & Operations, Paramount, and Brad Mueller, Director of Creatives for Paramount VetNet and Manager, Tax Incentives.

VIP Meet & Greet Web Series Season 2: Episode 2: Ray Hopkins and Mickey Carter

In August 2022, the Paramount Veterans Network Participants met with Ray Hopkins President, U.S. Networks Distribution, Paramount and Mickey Carter Executive Vice President, U.S. Networks Distribution, Paramount over zoom. This session was moderated by Betty Diaz, Director of Programs & Operations, Paramount.

Mickey Carter shared about his journey from the Army R.O.T.C. scholarship to Harvard College and from his time at Notre Dame Law school where he started a business with his roommate and drove all the way to North Carolina to pitch their first client. It was inspiring to hear about Mickey’s military transition and the opportunity to reinvent oneself to work in multiple industries as Mickey has over his career.

The veterans also learned about content distribution and how the industry has evolved from cable to streaming over the years. Ray Hopkins shared some great insight into the field as he grew networks starting with the launch of CNBC in 1989. Now his is the President of Networks Distribution for Paramount Global, overseeing distribution deals for Paramount iconic networks and 40 affiliated TV stations. He explained how the landscape of viewership has changed and the challenges/opportunities that come with streaming and negotiations. Both Ray and Mickey expressed how dedicated their distribution teams are and how they lean on each other similar to how military units support each other.

“It was awesome to have the opportunity to hear from two individuals with so much experience in the media industry and get their insight and advice about how to succeed in the industry ourselves,” said Colby Stanford, Air Force Veteran.


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