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Vetworking and Trivia Night with Personal Branding Expert, Jayzen Patria

ViacomCBS Veterans Network hosted its second collaborative virtual Vetworking and Trivia night early this December. The event was the culmination of a consistent effort on behalf of the Veterans Networks at ViacomCBS, Fox, and NBCU. Guest speaker and personal branding expert, Jayzen Patria, graciously shared a few fantastic tips and tricks with the attendees, and encouraged those curious to learn more about personal branding to visit his website or watch his TED talk. The attendees had the opportunity to try out Jayzen’s advice when they shared “What kind of car do you see yourself as?” with their peers in our Zoom breakout rooms. While the responses ran the gambit, Jayzen shared that the answers illuminated a lot about the person answering!

The night was full of trivia winners, laughter, and professional development. ViacomCBS VetNet is grateful to T3Gear for sponsoring the event and supplying fantastic prizes to our trivia winners. The only thing better than showcasing small veteran owned businesses, like Navy SEAL owned T3Gear, is bringing the community together to do it. The evening was a wonderful and brief respite from the overwhelming strangeness of this year. A third Vetworking and Trivia Night is planned for early 2021, so follow our Instagram to keep up to date with our events!


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