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Vetworking & Trivia Night Event Recap

On October 14, 2020, the ViacomCBS Veterans Network in collaboration with NBCUniversal Veterans Network and FOX VETS, held the first virtual “Vetworking & Trivia Night” with special guest, Val Nicholas, SVP, SummitMedia.

There were more than 140+ RSVPs which included veterans, servicemen, military spouses and civilian advocates. Betty Diaz, Tiffany Pilgrim, and Melanie Corinne from the ViacomCBS Veterans Network co-organized the virtual event, including colleagues from NBCUniversal Veterans Network and FOX VETS.

During the event, attendees learned about the top five tips for networking in our new virtual world, which was presented by Val Nicholas. Other areas focused on professional development, including, military transitioning and job hunting in the civilian world.

Afterwards, attendees had the opportunity to practice their new networking skills in breakout rooms with other attendees. Those from the ViacomCBS Veterans Network, NBCUniversal Veterans Network and FOX VETS acted as mentors in each room. Community resources were shared with attendees to assist them in building their professional networks and careers.

Here’s what some of the attendees had to say about the virtual event:

I think you all did great. These should be planned more often now that we’re all virtual. Being part of the veteran community always helps and we should stay connected as one. It’s all about connections where ever you go.”

Your support for veteran hiring initiatives and guidance to us all is greatly appreciated.

You all did great. I enjoyed it so much! Let me know when there’s a next one.”

There is much anticipation for the “Vetworking & Trivia Night” to be held again. There are plans for it to be held on a quarterly basis going forward. The virtual event has proven to help veterans and military families feel more connected at home.


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