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VetXpo Conference - Oct 25-27 2019


Mission: To bring together like-minded people, families, businesses and provide a way for them to learn from each other and grow with each other through community engagement.

We passionately believe in the power of our response-ability.  VetXpo is a means for establishing personally relevant beliefs and courses of action that maintain critical balance and enable veterans to generate thoughtful solutions in alignment with their core values. We do this through the knowledge and inspiration of the veteran community’s most inspired thought leaders, passionate service providers and relevant trend setters.  VetXpo is a place to engage with ideas and each other.

Are you a Veteran, caregiver, spouse, service provider? Sign Up, Show Up, Be Present and Experience Change. VetXpo is the right place to make a plan and develop a course of action to maintain critical balance.


VetXpo seeks to inspire excellence in veterans and our veteran support community by providing locally and nationally-recognized thought leaders, wellness gurus, diverse perspectives and a platform for sharing important messages. These  30-minute TED-style presentations directly correlate to balance in at least one of five functional fitness areas (Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual or Professional).

Wow Friday night’s Roundup speaker is Simon Sinek!

The 2019 speaker invitations are out and once finalized will be posted here!

2018 had a dynamic group of speakers and topics:

Lighting the Fuse (Social and Emotional Fitness) – Vince Vargas

Leverage vs Charity (Professional Fitness) -Toby Nunn

Word Warrior – The Power of Speaking “UP” (Spiritual, Professional and Social Fitness) – Kirk Weisler

PTS & The Brain: The Other I.E.D (Emotional Fitness) – Annette T. Hill, LPC

The Rest of Your Life (Professional, Social and Spiritual Fitness) – Matthew Griffin

Get Uncomfortable (Social Fitness) – Bryce Mahoney

It’s YOUR Life, What Are YOU Going to Do About It? (Social Fitness) – Nick Koumalatsos

Managing and Engaging Millennials (Professional and Social Fitness) – Ross Paterson

Transition Does Not Have an Expiration Date (Social and Emotional Fitness) – Milan Goergia

REWORK During intermissions enjoy engaging and experiential opportunities to learn more about community services, market-place trends, question and answer sessions, new to market products and more!   Rather than provide answers to specific questions, VetXpo seeks to cultivate the exploration of issues central to the Veteran transition process, cultural identity, and accountability. It is intended to spark introspection, create connection and encourage action among attendees.

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