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ViacomCBS Vet Net: "Intro to Media" Through the Eyes of Ad Sales

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

This summer, members of the Veteran Immersion program at ViacomCBS were given access to an introduction to the world of media, through the eyes of Ad Sales. The session was presented by Michael Morotta, Director, New Business Partnerships, ViacomCBS Marketing & Partner Solutions. The presentation was given much like it would be to a prospective client with the added bonus of Mike’s expertise and real-world experience. He expanded on the brands, platforms, and departments that encompass the realm of Ad Sales. Much like the military, it takes several cohesive teams to complete the goals of the department. ViacomCBS has multiple capabilities that are enticing to clients including a creative team to generate ad campaigns and the biggest following on social media. In addition to the content and sales, there is also a data driven component that helps target advertising.

Veterans left the meeting with a good understanding of the Ad Sales perspective and how it is interwoven into their jobs in some form. After the presentation, there was a short Q&A. The topics of streaming, ad placement, the in-house production team and data analytics were discussed. The veterans were engaged, and it grew their understanding of other components of the overall company. By opening up the veterans to different departments and people, it will only help the Veteran Immersion Program veterans get more comfortable gaining their veteran footing and boosting their post-military careers. Michael was very gracious to give his time on back-to-back days of terrific presentations and the veterans felt welcomed and integrated into the company.


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