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ViacomCBS Veterans Network GOES LIVE ON INSTAGRAM with Sheryl Underwood, Co-Host of The Talk

More than 700 people tuned in to the ViacomCBS Veterans Network INSTAGRAM LIVE with Sheryl Underwood, Co-Host of The Talk and ViacomCBS Veterans Network Ambassador. Betty Diaz, Director of Programs and Operations, ViacomCBS Veterans Network co-hosted the Live session.

Sheryl Underwood, shared about her experiences in the military. She was an Air Force Reservist and also grew up in a military family (US Army and Air Force). She also shared about co-hosting The Talk from home with her fellow Co-Hosts during these times. Sheryl also shared about what we can do for our veteran communities, including checking in with family members of the veteran community so that those who are overseas do not have to worry as much because they are being taken care of. Sheryl was able to engage with some of the Instagram Live viewers and provided a comedic relief.

Here’s what some of the viewers had to say about the Live:

“Thanks for lightening up my day with never ending laughter. My cheeks were hurting from all the laughter.”

“I was laughing the whole time. Made my day!”

“Love Sheryl’s energy. I needed that laugh!”

“I have to say my dad, an Army man who trained in Fort Dix, NJ, is also the best shoe shiner! Thanks Sheryl for sharing the shoe shining story”


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