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ViacomCBS Veterans Network members support the Homes 4 Families

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

ViacomCBS Veterans Network members support the Homes 4 Families’ first Virtual Veteran Art Show & Auction that will be held in early October. Proceeds will support building 56 homes for the veteran community. 

As part of the event, participants will be able to bid on artwork that is created by veterans and military families in the Homes 4 Families program.

Each piece of art was done in the Homes 4 Families "My Trauma-Informed Military Enrichment®" Program. The workshops follow a theme, but also allow space for an individual’s unique creative process. They use materials like crayons, sharpies, construction paper, magazines, cut out paper heads, ribbon, beads, and more. These materials are low-cost items that participating veterans will likely have easy access to around their home so that they can continue to create, outside of our workshops, and use therapeutic art as a tool in their daily lives.

Trauma-Informed art is a distinct type of therapeutic exercise, offering a different method of healing than more well-known clinical or psychotherapy approaches. The participating veteran artists intentionally use childlike materials, in order to focus on the process of what they are feeling while they are creating. This program is a tool to help the veterans to process, think, and talk about their emotions in a non-invasive setting.

ViacomCBS Veterans Network is happy to support Homes 4 Families in their mission to change the lives of hundreds of low-income military families through providing affordable homes and self-sufficiency training for those who need it most.


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