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ViacomCBS Veteran's Network : "Rock Your Profile" , presented by LinkedIn

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

During the summer, ViacomCBS Veterans Network teamed up with LinkedIn to present a “Rock Your Profile” session. This educational workshop consisted of tips and tricks on how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. Nearly 200 military, veteran and military families and allies were in attendance.

Miranda Calvert, Key Accounts Manager, Talent Solutions and Stephanie Vera, Senior Customer Success Manager, Talent Solutions walked the audience through how to build a great LinkedIn profile, how to build a professional network, job searching and more! ViacomCBS Veterans Network’s, Bryon Stopfer, Senior Director, Global Sourcing, ViacomCBS and Air Force Veteran was also on hand to share veteran-related knowledge to support military and veterans who attended the session. 

“In light of the current job market, the VetNet is too happy to help those that are struggling to land the job that they need and/or deserve. If this session helped one person land a job; the whole event will have been worth the effort”, says Bryon Stopfer

“Thank you so much for providing such an informative session where.  Looking forward to applying some of the networking tips suggested, to help me grow my network and my expand my business”, said on attendee.


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