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ViacomCBS VetNet’s Betty Diaz is Awarded SUNY Oswego’s Alumni Community Service Award

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

The Oswego Alumni Association will recognize six SUNY Oswego alumni for their exceptional contributions and accomplishments.

Receiving the Community Service Award for outstanding achievement in service to others will be:

  • Betty Diaz '02 of New York, N.Y., Director of Programs and Operations at ViacomCBS Veterans Network, mentor to youth and community advocate for veterans and many other populations.

“I have found that every Oswego alum has an inspiring story about their path after graduation,” said Jennifer Shropshire ’86, a member of the Oswego College Foundation Board of Directors and chair of the Alumni Awards Committee. “It is such a treat to have a glimpse of even a small percentage of alumni through their nomination packets. This makes it a prodigious challenge for the selection committee every year, and this year was no exception. “Each of the award recipients stands out as an extraordinary person and professional,” she said. “A common thread is that the way they move about the world sparks something that is bigger than themselves.”

“We are excited to celebrate the amazing accomplishments and tide-turning contributions of these alumni,” said Laura Pavlus Kelly ’09, director of alumni engagement. “They embody what we hope our students today will bring to their future professions and lives beyond the shores of Lake Ontario. They represent the best of the Laker community.”

ViacomCBS Veterans Network is proud of Betty and all of her accomplishments. Check out the full list of 2021 Oswego Alumni Award winners here.

ViacomCBS's Corporate Social Responsibility Team has also highlighted Betty's dedication to serving the community, check out the story here.


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