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ViacomCBS VetNet supported & attended Vision Board Prep session for OPBF’s Planting Seeds Project

ViacomCBS Veterans Network members supported and attended a Vision Board Prep session on January 13, 2022. The session was led by Numerologist, Deya Diaz, who encouraged participants to create a vision board with intentional goals for the year using divination tools and inspired action, to empower their visions. Proceeds from the event benefited The Planting Seeds Project, an initiative created by the Omega Phi Beta Foundation (OPBF). The Planting Seeds Project was created to support grassroots efforts to empower S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) initiatives.

In 2021, the project serviced initiatives, including one headed by a Marine Veteran, Johan Arenas, in Columbia. Arenas is the owner of Nabguana Farm located in Sevilla, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Nabguana Farm is an organic superfoods company. Employees of Nabguana Farm are enrolled in an entrepreneurial program which includes learning computer skills, coffee making, and business leadership skills. In Colombia, farming and entrepreneurship, are male dominated fields. Nabguana Farm launched a free program for women to participate in the entrepreneurial program. The Planting Seeds project supported this free program by donating technical supplies, including computers.

This year, OPBF’s fundraiser raised over $1,400 in donations, up +167% vs. prior year. The organization plans to expand donations to additional countries including initiatives spearheaded by the veterans and military family community.

"The Omega Phi Beta Foundation Divination Vision Board Prep Session event was joyous and energetic. Those who attended left inspired by the kind and wonderful teachings from Deya Diaz. Deya encouraged everyone to have the vision board guide your true intentions to a better life and to be grateful every day regardless of your circumstances. It was truly an honor to be present at the event" -Richard B.

“Deya’s authenticity and positivity is captivating. She is a gift to us all. I left today’s session feeling empowered. I am going to be intentional with my goals; I will never stop believing. The entire event was a celebration of empowerment starting with PHNX MPM’s opening comment and great music. Thank you for the memorable experience.” -Marivell A-G.

“I really like the idea of visualizing the results I want to see happen. That’s definitely something I’m going to start doing more!” -Chileen D.

“As a newcomer to the concept of vision boards and alternate spiritual methods, I found Deya’s session incredibly informative and fascinating. My wife and I had a blast exploring the possible insights into the coming year!” -Jim G.

“This was a great opportunity to lean and tap into my spirituality with the guidance and wisdom of Deya Diaz. I really feel this year will be amazing with these guidelines.” -Torrin F.

Check out these links to find out more about supporting projects from the Omega Phi Beta Foundation:


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