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ViacomCBS VetNet Hosts Meet & Greet with KCBS’ Danielle Mudge & TOUGH AS NAILS S2's Merryl Tengesdal

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

ViacomCBS Veterans Network presents the 2021 VIP Meet and Greet Web Series, featuring a variety of industry professionals and C-suite executives from across ViacomCBS. These sessions are highlights from ViacomCBS Veterans Network’s first annual Veteran Immersion Program, in which transitioning veterans were able to meet with and learn from ViacomCBS executive leadership and ViacomCBS VetNet advisors and ambassadors. The Meet and Greet sessions are moderated by Richard M. Jones, EVP General Tax Counsel & Chief Veteran Officer, ViacomCBS, and/or Betty Diaz, Director of Programs & Operations, ViacomCBS.

Web Series Episode 5:

Danielle Mudge, Digital Sales Manager for KCBS, and Merryl Tengesdal of CBS’ Tough as Nails Season 2, Retired Air Force Colonel, and ViacomCBS Veterans Network Ambassador

This past summer Danielle Mudge and Merryl Tengesdal met with the ViacomCBS Veteran Immersion Program cohort as part of a continued Veterans Network Meet and Greet series. Betty Diaz, Director of Programs and Operations for ViacomCBS Veterans Network moderated the meeting in which the panel spent an hour talking with and answering questions from the veteran interns.

Each veteran introduced themselves and offered insight into their military career and what their experience has been in their respective internships. The mentors shared about their own unique career paths and offered professional development tips. Merryl’s military career started in the Navy, she then went on to the Air Force and ended up in reality TV with colleagues who are now akin to family.

Danielle described her experience with digital media sales, even coming from a time where many people did not understand the importance of her focus. She has been on the cutting edge of streaming since the beginning and has led the pivot from analog cable towards digital streaming. Both ladies discussed work life balance and doing what drove their passion.

“I enjoyed the parallel of Merryl and Danielle’s career paths,” said Chris Barrett, a Marine veteran. “It was a blast to hear Merryl on the cusp of space in a U2 aircraft (the last frontier), and hear stories from Danielle about convincing the higher-ups that digital media is the future.”

“Merryl’s story on integrity and Danielle’s work ethic and dedication gave me great insight on how to succeed.” – Torrin Fields, Army veteran

Both mentors affirmed that there is no “correct” path to get where any individual veteran wishes to go in their career. Rather, the friendships, connections, and skills built on the way, are what matter.


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