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We would like to honor and recognize the passing of Command Sergeant Major Patrick G. Tadina

The ViacomCBS Veterans Network would like to honor and recognize the passing of Command Sergeant Major Patrick G. Tadina; a man amongst men in the United States Army and Ranger history.  A sharp salute and a moment of pause is in order for this great loss.

Command Sergeant Major (CSM [E-9]) is a rank that every soldier that raises their hand while swearing allegiance to their country dreams of one day becoming, yet very few soldiers actually obtain.  So few in fact, that only 0.8% (Congressionally mandated cap for all service branches) ever reach this prestigious rank that seemingly covers the majority of the sleeve of those leaders; most of which will honorably serve their country for 30 years.  The Command Sergeant Major is the senior non-commissioned officer who advises the commander on all issues related to the enlisted rank.  The one that will stand and defend this troops to the bitter end when he/she must and the one that has the biggest bite if you drift off path.  So how does one become this leader?

For CMS Tadina it started as becoming a Ranger (Special Operations) doing long range reconnaissance patrol in the Vietnam War for over five years straight (1965-1970).  CMS Tadina was often undercover as a Viet Cong soldier and was highly effective at leading special operations; meeting the enemy at very close range.  His heroism reflected great credit upon himself and the United States Army and was so heavily awarded that he was one the highest decorated soldiers of the war.  Garnering two Silver Stars, ten Bronze Stars (7 for valor), three Vietnamese Crosses of Gallantry, four Army Commendation Medal (2 for valor) and three Purple Hearts.  CSM Tadina was the original and REAL Rambo!

In 1995, CSM Tadina was inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame and touted as a soldier with “extreme valor” and his profile is prestigiously honored at the Fort Benning.

So how did Patrick Tadina become a CSM?  By becoming a hero on the battle field many times over and loving his country beyond his life.  Our country is forever indebted to your selfless service and your memory will not be forgotten.


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