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Welcome Summer 2021 Veteran Immersion Program Interns

The ViacomCBS Veteran Network is proud to welcome our Summer 2021 veteran interns to the Veteran Immersion Program. The Veteran Immersion Program is a national initiative run by veterans for veterans and offers roles available across the country. ViacomCBS is committed to reflecting the diversity of our nation, and veterans play an important role in that. Veterans acquire skills from their service that make them standout employees and natural leaders.

The ViacomCBS Veterans Network is committed to fostering an environment that attracts and embraces the best talent. We recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to serve our country. We value the skills veterans developed during their time in the military, like leadership, problem solving, teamwork and attention to detail. These same qualities are essential to our success as a company.

We are proud to support the career development of our veterans by offering hands-on experience, career-building, professional development workshops, and the opportunity to network with the best in our business.

Please join us in welcoming Will Kelso, Janina Rios, Richard Bethea, Julia Werner, Steven Montesantos, Noah De Salvo, Alissa Prewett, Torrin Fields, Alexander Martinez, Kyle Gorman and Thieyacine Fall who join current interns, Melanie Corinne, Tiffany Pilgram and Chris Barrett to the team.

Starting late June, we will feature our veteran immersion program participants on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, throughout the summer on our Instagram.

Visit those features here HERE.


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