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"Why We Fight and Wounds We Cannot See"

Letter of Intention, "Why We Fight and Wounds We Cannot See" is a screen play written by Dick Wien of CBS Corporation.  Dick Wien wrote this screen play based on the writings and actual events that happened the WWI soldier and poet, Siegfried Sassoon, who has always been a favorite of Dick Wien.


In the midst of an unnamed contemporary war, a SOLDIER has been confined to a mental institution for having publicly advocated an end to the hostilities which have locked each side into a bloody stalemate. Here he must fight a new battle, with the DOCTOR, a famous psychologist and pioneer in the treatment of PTSD, who has been charged with “curing” the SOLDIER of what is considered a grievous affront to his country and his regiment. Through the combative – ultimately passionate and compassionate -- interplay between the play’s two principal protagonists, LETTER OF INTENTION explores such enduring subjects as the arguments for and against fighting, the importance of camaraderie among those in harm’s way, and the damage caused by wounds that cannot be seen (PTSD).


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