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Woman Discovers Her 102 Year Old Grandmother's Courageous World War II Past On "CBS Mornings"

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

First Lady Jill Biden Gives Surprise Call To Thank Her For Her Service

Two years ago, Tara Garcia reached out to "CBS Mornings" lead by national correspondent David Begnaud when her grandmother, Crescensia, had beaten COVID at the age of 100.

Tara sent pictures of her grandmother in her military uniform to Begnaud who posted a tweet about it. The tweet went viral and it was seen by retired Army Colonel Edna Cummings. She said seeing the photo "was like being in a casino and hitting the jackpot." Turns out, Crescensia Garcia is one of only six surviving members of an all-female, all-Black, segregated unit that was sent overseas during World War II. Known as the SixTripleEight, the 855 women that served in that unit are now receiving long-overdue recognition. Crescensia's military history was new information to her family.

Crescensia's service to her country caught the attention of first lady Jill Biden who called Crescensia to thank her for her service. The phone call was a complete surprise to Crescensia. CBS News was there when she received the call.

It is an honor to share Crescensia Garcia’s story and we thank her for her incredible service.

Courtesy: CBS Mornings Watch and Read More about Crescensia's story here: CBS News and CBS Mornings Twitter


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