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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

On Thursday, July 25th, CBS Veterans Network held a Career Panel session in New York City for CBS Veteran Members and CBS Colleagues.  The special guest panelists were:

Richard M. Jones, Executive Vice President, General Tax Counsel and Chief Veteran Officer, CBS Corporation

As the Company’s General Tax Counsel, Rich oversees worldwide tax planning, strategy, operations, risk management, litigation, government relations and legislative initiatives.  As the Company’s Chief Veteran Officer, Rich founded the CBS Veterans Network. He oversees and coordinates all veteran/military-related initiatives and programming for CBS, ensuring that the sacrifices of our nation’s veterans and their families are never forgotten and that CBS is doing all that it can to promote their well-being. Prior to re-entering civilian life, Rich was a non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Army, where he served honorably as a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment and 10th Mountain Division.

Mickey Carter, Senior Vice President Television Networks Distribution, CBS Corporation

During Mickey’s tenure, CBS has successfully increased the distribution reach of CBS networks, implemented a strategy for distribution on emerging digital platforms, and has exceeded all distribution revenue goals each year. He attended college on a full U.S. Army R.O.T.C. scholarship and began his career after law school as an active duty officer and attorney in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps.  As a military attorney, He served in a variety of capacities, including as a claims officer and administrative law adviser as well as time spent as a federal criminal prosecutor and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney. Mickey received his A.B. from Harvard University and received his J.D. from Notre Dame Law School.

Chanel Lamb, Director of Human Resources, CBS Corporation

Chanel has 15 years of experience in the media & entertainment industry, including CBS, Showtime Networks, MTV, and CNN. Currently, as an HR Partner to the CBS Operations & Engineering group (COE) at the CBS Broadcast Center, amongst many other responsibilities, she manages the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) internship Program.  The program was implemented to foster a diverse and inclusive science and engineering learning environment, specifically with traditionally underrepresented groups in this industry.  As a U.S. Army veteran, she brings passion to the veteran community.  She served from 1996-2002 as a 75 Hotel, in the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment and the 501st Military Intelligence Battalion.  She won a number of Military Boards, which allowed her to promote from E-1 to E-5 in just two and a half years. 

The Career Panel session was moderated by CBS News Sr. National Correspondent,

Jim Axelrod. While at CBS News, Axelrod has covered a broad range of domestic and international stories, notably the war in Iraq and the American invasion of Afghanistan. In 2003, Axelrod was the first television journalist to report lives from Baghdad's Saddam International Airport immediately after it fell to U.S. troops. His live coverage of the U.S. Army firing artillery rounds into Iraqi positions was the first to be broadcast by a reporter embedded with ground troops engaged in combat in Iraq. Axelrod also covered the departure of U.S. troops from Iraq and was the last reporter to leave with the military in December 2011.

Jim’s extraordinary interviewing style left the audience with the experience as if the audience was watching CBS Sunday Morning live.

Attended by more than 75 people, the impactful event left many with inspiration, appreciation and gratitude. CBS colleague, Diane Kuri, Vice President, Communications & Operations, CBS Affiliate Relations, said “It was humbling to hear their personal stories. It’s nice to know we have groups like CBS Veterans Network who create such an inspirational and positive event. I left the session wanting more!” 

“I think it’s vital that companies, like CBS, create events like these, a veteran career panel. The panel was an opportunity for employees to learn a little bit more about the veteran community; that, we [veterans] are more than just the uniform. We have unique skill sets that can be utilized in any corporate setting. It is important for people in the organization to understand the people they work with, the people they work for, and the people who work for them. I am thankful we have groups like CBS Veterans Network that serves as an outlet for people, with diverse backgrounds, to work together to accomplish the mission of the company.”, said Hill Pluviose, CBS Veterans Network East Coast Intern 

“The Veterans Network Career Panel was one of the best events I have attended. It was not only inspiring, but very educational. It helped me understand the daily struggles veterans go through when transitioning back to civilian life.”, said Michelle Pepe, Talent Acquisition Specialist, CBS Corporation

“Everyone who attended was at the edge of their seats! Jim’s (Axelrod) style of interviewing is personable. It didn’t feel like we were at a panel session. It felt as if we were all sitting together in a living room listening in on a profound conversation. We all learned valuable career tips from our panelists, and most of all, we walked away with ‘golden nuggets’ to inspire our leadership. In the days after the event, we received an overwhelming response of positive feedback. We can’t wait to do this again, in the near future.”, said Betty Diaz, CBS Veterans Network East Coast Director

“The panel provided our employee population a window into the lives of our veteran community. It was empowering to hear about their experiences & how it shaped their leadership styles here at CBS.”, said Anthony Izzo, Senior Director, Diversity & Inclusion


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