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Updated: Mar 25, 2022

On March 16th, 2022, ahead of the premiere of CBS' new show Beyond The Edge, Paramount Veterans Network hosted a virtual Coffee with Vets. Paramount Veterans Network's Betty Diaz, Director of Programs & Operations, kicked off the event with an Introduction and a showing of the new show's trailer. The event was moderated by SEAL Team’s AJ Buckley with special guests Craig Morgan, Country Star and Rusty Carroll, President of Operation Finally Home.

AJ Buckley, who is a fan of Craig Morgan’s music, started the interview by asking Craig Morgan, a contestant on the CBS show “Beyond The Edge” which premiered on March 16th at 9/8c, about his Army service. He served eleven and a half years on active duty and six and a half on reserve. His combat experience as a 13F, Foreign Observer includes 1989 Panama’s Operation Just Cause. He credits military experience in helping him become successful in the music industry for twenty years and on the show. He became interested in being a part of the show when he learned that he could raise money for the charity, Operation Finally Home,” an organization that is dedicated to building homes for wounded veterans, first responders and their families.

Unlike other reality shows, Beyond The Edge is a show based on everyone staying in for survival instead of voting contestants off. Craig was surprised by the other contestant’s true nature and toughness. “Your weak link today is your strongest link tomorrow,” is a mantra he lives by when he works with a team. Craig felt he had an obligation to help everyone be better because it helped him be better. He taught the other players how to make shelter. During the days on the show, they had to watch out for bats. Their food sources consisted of bananas, coconuts, and fish

AJ would later ask about his book “God, Family, Country: Soldier, Singer, Husband, Dad—There’s Whole Lot More to Me” which will be released on September 27th. Upon reading the book, Craig wants readers to value everyone you meet and create change for the greater good without dramatic events.

The event concluded with Rusty Carroll, President of Operation Finally Home, sharing his experience about how he is honored and blessed with witnessing the faces of veterans and their families when they see their house for the first time. For more

Information on Operation Finally Home, visit

“There’s no perspective I appreciate more, than that of a Veteran in any situation, but to hear Craig Morgan talk about how his time in the military helped shape him for ‘Beyond The Edge’ made me immediately thankful for all other celebrities involved that they had Craig to help lead them! I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the charity he played for, Operation Finally Home, and how they are helping to change veteran lives for the better. I could have listened to AJ and Craig talk all night and can’t wait to get a copy of Craig’s book later this year,” says Shannon Guarascio, Manager for Affiliate Relations at Paramount.

Michael Rizzi, at WATCH Magazine adds, “This has to be one of my favorite interviews! Craig’s energy is amazing. I really enjoyed listening (and learning) about his military background, perspective on teamwork and the ultimate respect for his cast mates on the show. AJ’s natural ability to make it feel like a conversation between friends, really set the tone and brought it to life for me. Thank you VetNet!"

Torrin Fields, Army Veteran: "This was a very compelling conversation listening to Craig Morgan and AJ Buckley share their love for friendly competition and what it takes to build teamwork."

“I quickly became a fan of Craig Morgan during this amazing event. Not only is he a country music star but he is also a fellow veteran. I enjoyed hearing him talk about being one team to help each other survive regardless of your weaknesses or strengths. The team first mentality is how I was trained to think in the Army as well. Craig Morgan exemplified this behavior during the show and in his life.” Richard Bethea, Army Veteran.


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